Calibration labels means you can track the information you need, using labels formatted to your needs (including a unique bar code on each label if desired), that are color coded to comply with your facilities' standards. This not only makes it easier and faster to track calibration and inspection information, it helps to eliminate errors. Calibration labels can be printed with your contact information for people to call for additional information or to simply require your services.

Calibration labels are used to put calibration information on instruments, identify equipment that needs calibration, provide the calibration schedule, and ensure calibrated equipment is not tampered with (tamper-evident labels). 

Peel Labels custom calibration labels can be made using a variety of tough tested materials. The most common label material is continuous poly in white or silver. Over 50 types of labeling materials are available to handle any labeling situation:

  • Survivability in chemically harsh environments
  • Calibration labels for oily or greasy surfaces
  • Tamper evident calibration labels
  • High tack labels for use on to irregular surfaces including wood and low surface energy plastics
  • Labels for high and low temperature surfaces
  • Labels that are resistant to marine environments
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