In today’s market it is important to ensure that your products are securely protected against counterfeiters and people who are likely to tamper with goods prior to purchase. This is where security labels come in.

We produce a whole range of security labels and tamper evident labels. These security labels can be produced in a wide range of materials depending on the level of security required.

All security labels are produced to the highest standard and are highly effective at reducing and discouraging tampering and theft.

Void if Removed Labels

Void labels leave the word ‘void’ behind when peeled off and in some case will reveal the word ‘void’ on the surface which cannot be re-stuck down. Void labels are made from  durable polyester which allows the surface to be printed in the normal way.

Ultra Destructible Security Labels

These kinds of security labels are made from a material that is almost impossible to remove once it has been stuck down. Should someone attempt to remove the label by picking at the corners, the actual material will break up into tiny little pieces, the size of a pin head. Again, these security labels can be printed on in the normal way.

De-Laminating Security Labels

These special security labels will ‘de-laminate’ if removed from the product’s surface – the label material effectively splits in two leaving a layer of label on the product whilst the top half containing the printed image is destroyed.

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