We can design, print and produce sequentially barcode labels or numbered labels. These high-quality product labels are printed and supplied on rolls or as fan-folded packs. All barcode labels can be supplied on a variety of substrates from the standard self-adhesive papers through to adhesive and non-adhesive synthetics.

If you know what you require, talk to us  to discuss your barcode label or numbered label requirements today.

Nearly everything that goes through the till these days has a barcode.

Whether you require a static barcode or sequentially numbered barcodes, then we can supply printed barcode labels to meet your needs.

For retail customers, we can print and provide a range of barcode labels with the commonly used retail barcode, EAN13 through to the more complex barcodes interleaved 2 of 9.

Below is a list of the more commonly used barcode labels that we can produce for you at a low-cost.

Numeric-only Barcode Labels

  • UPC-A: Universal product barcode seen on almost all retail products in the USA and Canada
  • EAN-13: European Article Numbering international retail product code
  • EAN-8: Compressed version of EAN code for use on small products
  • UPC-E: Compressed version of UPC code for use on small products
  • Code 11: Used primarily for labelling telecommunications equipment
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 Compact numeric barcode label, widely used in industry, air freight
  • Codabar: Older barcode often used in library systems, sometimes in blood banks

Alphanumeric Barcode Labels

  • Code 39: General-purpose barcode in very wide use world-wide
  • Code 93: Compact barcode similar to Code 39
  • Code 128: Very capable barcode, excellent density, high reliability; in use world-wide

2-Dimensional barcode labels

  • PDF417: Excellent for encoding large amounts of data
  • DataMatrix:; Can hold large amounts of data, especially suited for making very small codes
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