Peel Label specializes in providing printing services for both simple and highly complex variable data bar code label printing. “Variable data” refers to text, barcodes and even graphics that are not produced in large quantities of single images. This type of printing is excellent when you require labels you may need numbered in sequential order or material taken from a database of random information.

The most basic kind involves the consecutive printing of either human readable numbers or barcodes.  Another form entails different versions of similar information – such as UPC labels needed for retail products. We can print a quantity of a single UPC code―perhaps with a graphic image of the product―then switch over and print a different UPC. The most complex type of variable printing may be used for applications such as warehouse rack labels. Here the customer needs to place their labels in a special sequence to avoid time-consuming movement going up and down the racks and rows. They simply supply us with a database of seemingly random numbering and special instructions about color coding and directional arrows for particular warehouse sections.  We do the rest.  Give us a call and allow us to quote on your requirements.

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