Multiple Layer Booklet labels are similar to the single layer booklet labels but with more pages for additional information. Call us and discover how we can allow for you to have multiple folds allowing up to 8 pages of information on one booklet!  Whether it be for instructions, ingredients, direction, recipes, coupons for other of your products, multiple languages or even game pieces or sweepstakes.  Many sucessful brand name products have used on package couponing to promote new customer trials and keep loyal customers buyng your product.  Statics show that these types of promotions are twice as effective as direct mail or printed coupons from newspapers and magazines.

Peel Label is a leading supplier of multi-page booklet and label combination products, whose innovative product design is simple yet sophisticated, combining a printed folded leaflet with a self-adhesive label, providing that extra space for added information, incentives or promotional activities.

In today's world, products often have to carry significant amounts of information and copy space is rapidly diminishing as product labels are filled with regulatory, multilingual, instructional and promotional copy. Often, important sales information is left off because it is displaced by regulatory copy.

These multi-page booklet and label combination products are used across many industries and for many applications, for example in the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries where legislation requires; comprehensive product information, instructions on how to use the product, potential side effects, storage instructions, details of the manufacturer and licence holder, barcodes and other details which are not possible to position on a standard label. The concept of this product is that it still only occupies the same area as a conventional label, but provides the end user with much more information.

These products are widely used for promotional applications where the booklet and label combination is used on pack promotions to include for example; money off coupons, recipes, competition entries or special offers. If you are a specialist pharmaceutical or chemical manufacturer, licence holder, advertising or marketing agency, food producer, packaging supplier or retailer or otherwise have a requirement, Peel Label specialize in providing high quality, cost effective booklet and label combinations in any size, shape or colour in small to large sized runs.

Our full colour or black and white booklet and label combinations can include for example; different languages, manufacturer or license holder details, product technical data, any image, variable batch numbers, barcodes, usage or storage instructions can also be personalised to suit your individual needs and branding requirements.

Peel Label produces a variety of different booklet and label combinations so if you are launching a new product or thinking of changing to these booklet and label combinations then please give us a call, The booklet and label combinations can be made from a range of specialist paper and film materials such as polyethylene or polyester which allows the labels to be printed to portray a "high tech" look, an "exclusive premium product look", or whatever image you want to portray on your products to add a unique touch to your brands. Whatever type of booklet and label combinations you are looking for Peel Label has the answer, so please give us a call.

We strive to offer flexible supply options for your booklet and label combinations, using the latest printing processes. Our label printing presses are ideally suited for the manufacture of small to large sized runs of booklet and label combinations and we manufacture booklet and label combinations on rolls in a variety of sizes, which enables us to serve this market to a high standard.

With our extensive label printing experience Peel Label can provide a solution for all your booklet and label combination requirements.


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